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Innova Halo Star-Toro : Heimburg

Innova Halo Star-Toro : Heimburg

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Innova Halo Star Toro 4|2|1|3

The Innova Halo Star-Toro is a disc golf disc designed by Calvin HeimburgIt's a flat, beadless, mid-range disc that's overstable and can handle a lot of torque. The disc is made with Halo Star plastic, which is a high-performance polymer that's durable and has a Halo rim that's a different color than the flight plate.

The Halo Star-Toro is designed to improve your putt and approach game. It's good for forehand power shots that need to stick to the ground near the basket. It can also handle headwind shots and brute force medium length drives and approaches.

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